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Created Wed 22/10/2014, Last Updated Wed 22/10/2014

When Britain went to (class) war

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the historic British coal miners strike, one of the most bitter disputes in international trade union history. With unions under attack in Australia, the strike serves as a lesson in the lengths the ruling class will go to in order to smash organised labour.

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Created Fri 17/10/2014, Last Updated Fri 17/10/2014

2015 Onsite RDO calendar

The 2015 On site RDO calendar can be viewed/downloaded here.

It also appears on page 52 of the latest issue of CFMEU Worker.

The 26 RDOs provided by the 36 hour week are highly valued by construction workers, who regularly work Saturdays.

The Abbott Government wants to smash the calendar by making all RDOs flexible, allowing bosses to dictate when workers can have their day off.

This attack on our leisure time will be fiercely resisted.

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Westgate bridge memorial service to be held tomorrow

Details for the Westgate bridge memorial to be held tomorrow are as follows:

Wednesday 15th October

11.30am sharp

Westgate Bridge

Memorial Park Monument

Located under the bridge