Created Tue 23/06/2015, Last Updated Tue 23/06/2015

Grocon Dispute Update

When it comes to safety, the CFMEU won’t blink.

On Sunday, the CFMEU settled the  legal proceedings with Grocon over the Myer Emporium dispute after  they approached us for conciliation.

This settlement will bring to an end all of Grocon’s claims against the union for damages and costs arising from that dispute.

The settlement of $3.55 million will be paid to Grocon’s lawyers to cover legal costs and it is expressly without any admission of liability. Not one cent will go to Grocon.

Created Tue 9/06/2015, Last Updated Tue 9/06/2015

Media Release from Building Industry Group regarding compliance of permits

The Victorian Building Authority has determined that individual construction workers are solely liable for compliance of building works with permits issued to their employer, contractor or builder.

The conviction of subcontractor Johnathan Westmoreland over the Swanston Street wall collapse that killed three young people will have ramifications for the entire construction industry, the Building Industry Group (BIG) of unions has warned today.

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Created Thu 4/06/2015, Last Updated Thu 4/06/2015

A message from Skinner's family

Ellen, Adrian’s Father Michael, His Brother Noel, Sisters Fiona, Siobhan, Catriona & Maria, his nieces & nephews, brother- in- laws and all the extended family wish to express their sincere & heartfelt gratitude for the many acts of Compassion and Sympathy extended to them on the devastating and heartbreaking death of their beloved Adrian.

A Very Very Special Thanks to Adrian’s many Unique & Wonderful friends, You done him Proud in every way. There are no words to describe it.