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Recommended wind speeds for safe use of plant

CFMEU OHS Alert detailing wind speed limits for safe use of different types of plant.


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Stand Up, Speak Out, Come Home

The role of the CFMEU in shaping Australia

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Builders won't put up handrails at Bendigo Hospital

CFMEU Safety Officer Alex Tadic inspects fall hazards at Bendigo Hospital

The CFMEU is in dispute with Lend Lease, Form 700 and WorkCover over the lack of handrails at the Bendigo Hospital site.

A table formwork system in use creates 1.9 metre drops off live edges, which workers are being forced to work next to.

The companies are refusing to put in handrails, saying the drop is not a serious hazard as it is less than 2 metres. The CFMEU disagrees strongly. Our Safety Officer Alex Tadic, who has been called to the site several times this week, says, 'It doesn't matter if it's 1.9 or 2 metres, you are going to get hurt if you go over one of these live edges, and they are all over the job.

"It's not good enough."

The CFMEU is stepping up pressure on the site and has raised the matter with local WorkCover inspectors. Disappointingly, their response has been that if the CFMEU don't blow the issue up (i.e put bans on), no action will be taken.

Well they needn't blame us when the issue blows up or God forbid, the shit really hits the fan after someone gets hurt.