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This Docklands playground was shut down after nips fell from the 24th floor of Lend Lease's Convesso Concavo site, narrowly missing a toddler
Created Fri 19/12/2014, Last Updated Fri 19/12/2014

Lend Lease strikes again

  • Safety nightmare continues
  • Kid almost hit by falling nips
  • Hoist shut down

Lend Lease's woeful attitude to OHS has been a recurring theme this year: from the fires and failed evacuations at Barangaroo in Sydney, to serious fall injuries to having to kick up a stink to get handrails at Bendigo Hospital.

Now come two more stuff ups that could have resulted in serious tragedy.

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Created Fri 19/12/2014, Last Updated Fri 19/12/2014

Safe drinking

For many, the festive season is best enjoyed with a drink in hand. Nothing wrong with that but it is important to enjoy alcohol safely.

Alcohol is involved in around one-third of all road deaths. The amount that a person can drink before being over the legal limit varies widely. The safest bet is to not drive at all if you’ve had a drink.

However, if you choose to drink, here are some tips for staying below .05:

  • For most adults, drinking less than 2 standard drinks will keep you below .05.
  • Eating before you drink slows the absorption of alcohol but will not alter your blood-alcohol level. In other words, you might not feel pissed but you could still blow over.
  • Drink slowly and don’t allow your drinks to be topped up, as you’ll lose track of how many you’ve had
  • It takes a healthy liver at least 1 hour to break down a standard drink, so you can still be over the limit after sleeping. If you drink 5 standard drinks it will take approximately 5 hours to be back at .00
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Created Thu 4/12/2014, Last Updated Fri 12/12/2014

2015 RDO calendars

The 2015 36 hour/on site RDO calendar has been altered to accomodate the AFL's decision to move the Grand Final to the first Saturday in October*.

Read/Download the 2015 36 hour/on site RDO calendar

Read/Download the 2015 38 hour/off site RDO calendar