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Created Fri 17/10/2014, Last Updated Thu 30/10/2014

2015 RDO calendars

2015 On site RDOs/36 hour week

2015 Off site RDOs/38 hour week

RDOs are valued highly by construction workers, who regularly work Saturdays.

The Abbott Government wants to smash the calendar by making all RDOs flexible, allowing bosses to dictate when workers can have their day off.

This attack on our leisure time will be fiercely resisted.

Created Wed 29/10/2014, Last Updated Wed 29/10/2014

An unprecedented attack on working Australians

  • 76 WA CFMEU members on trial for attending local jobs rally; Face $10,000 fines
  • FWBC/ABCC escalates attack on workers' rights

On February 28 2013 a community rally took place on the grounds of the WA Premier’s Office. 12 months later, akin to being dragged from their homes in the middle of the night, 76 workers woke up to find they had been CHARGED with a ‘serious’ offence. Why were they charged almost a year later?

The WA branch of the CFMEU has led the push to spread the benefits of the state's mining boom to local companies and kids starting out in the workforce

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Created Fri 24/10/2014, Last Updated Fri 24/10/2014

457 visa abuses - Workplace Briefing

Why is unemployment growing, yet there are record numbers of overseas workers in the country on temporary visas like 457s?

This CFMEU leaflet outlines how abuse of overseas worker visas is stealing our kids' future.

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