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Remembering John Cummins

  • John Cummins 1948-2006; one of Australia's greatest union leaders
  • Portrait by John Parker up for auction at Friday's memorial dinner

This Friday the 8th annual John Cummins memorial dinner will be held at Moonee Valley Racing Club.

John was an inspiring and respected leader of the BLF and president of the CFMEU before being struck by a fatal brain tumour in 2006.

Created Thu 28/08/2014, Last Updated Thu 28/08/2014

Message to members - Levy to defend the union

Dear Member,
The CFMEU has successfully negotiated a series of beneficial EBAs over recent years in Victoria.  We’re now committed to upgrading wages and conditions in Tasmania.

Unfortunately, politicians and employer groups want to pursue their ideological agenda to undermine your wages and conditions.  Therefore, the CFMEU has decided to campaign nationally against conservative anti-union governments, promoting the need for real OHS standards and defending the Union against endless attacks.

With elections in Victoria and Queensland, a Royal Commission and anti-union laws before Federal Parliament, this will not be a small matter. It will require a lot of our resources and it will be expensive. 

Therefore the National CFMEU has established a “Defend the Union Levy”.  This levy includes the $10 per six months payable by all members across Australia. 

For Victorian on-site members, whose wages and conditions lead the commercial/industrial construction sector, an additional $10 per six months will be payable. We need to defend the Union against the Napthine Government and their anti-CFMEU code.  A code which will treat construction workers like criminals and our workplaces like high security prisons.

Following are the membership fees and levy payable for the period October 2014 to March 2015:
Victorian On-Site Members - $350 Dues + $20 Levy = $370 Total
Victorian Tier 2 Members - $300 Dues + $10 Levy = $310 Total
Tasmanian Members - $250 Dues + $10 Levy = $260 Total

In Unity,
John Setka
CFMEU Secretary

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Shocking safety around power lines

Lucky no one was electrocuted when this Manitou unloaded mesh under power lines at Kane Construction's Loddon Prison site, Castlemaine on Friday 22/8/14.

Just one day earlier Kane sacked the site OHS Rep!