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Created Fri 7/09/2012, Last Updated Fri 7/09/2012

Grocon agrees to talks

  • Negotiations to take place over issues in dispute

Grocon has agreed to return to talks under the conditions of a settlement reached with with Fair Work Australia on Thursday evening.

CFMEU Construction Division National Secretary, Dave Noonan said the parties have committed to discussions to resolve issues of health and safety.

“Our members have protested peacefully to have the right to healthy and safe workplaces, and be represented by their union.

“Grocon has agreed to discussions on these important issues.

“We look forward to productive and good faith talks with Grocon,” said Mr Noonan.

After the agreement by the company to return to talks, Daniel Grollo went to the media claiming that the blockade was ended 'unconditionally'.

CFMEU Victorian Secretary Bill Oliver said this was untrue and a signed agreement between the company and the union lists a number of conditions.

"It's disappointing that Daniel Grollo continues to misrepresent the facts. Our focus is to resolve this dispute and to ensure that the safety  of the CFMEU members on Grocon sites is assured.

"We enter these talks seriously and with the intention of coming to a resolution.

"We do not compromise on safety. The health and well being of building workers has been the driving point of our protest.

"As always we will do everything we can to resolve the issue in the interests of our members."